Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Avent Express Bottle and Baby Food Warmer

This warmer is a must for any breastfeeding mom. Microwave heating can create hotspots and may affect the quality of the warmed breast milk. This product elevates the temperature consistently and evenly - eliminating those concerns. It can be used to warm milk in the following formats:

· 4 oz and 9 oz re-useable bottles.
· Disposable Bottles.
· Baby food jars.

· Heats in as little as four minutes--while preserving important nutrients.· Ideal for breast milk, formula milk, beverages and baby food.
· Advanced controls allow you to adjust temperature to heat safely.
· Holds all types of bottles, all Avent Bottles, disposable liners and storage containers.
In good condition .
Retail : RM 277.90
RM 120 inc.postage .
~ Sold ~