Sunday, November 15, 2009

Safety 1st Squeeze 'N Go Gate

When babies first begin to crawl, and later to walk, they experience a newfound sense of movement and freedom. Along with that freedom come new dangers--in the form of stairways, off-limit rooms, and other hazards. One way to keep your baby out of harm's way while she explores the house is to set up security gates. Fitting between wall spaces and doorjambs from 27 to 42 inches wide, the Squeeze N Go Gate uses a pressure-mounted fit to hold it in place. The gate is easy to set up, with a locking knob that holds the gate's two overlapping sides in place, and a single, pop-up handle on top that applies and releases pressure on the four side bumpers. Some parents found that the release handle was a little sticky at times, but overall the system worked well and the gate was very secure once it was in place. Made of durable plastic, the Squeeze N Go Gate measures approximately 26 inches high.
Product Description
Squeeze 'N Go, 26", White, Portable Security Gate, 1 Hand Squeeze Lock/Release Handle, Pressure Gate Adjustment Fits In Any 26" To 42" Doorway, Adapts To Uneven Openings & Baseboards, Easy Twist Lock Knobs Securely Tightens Adjusted Gate Lengths, 4 Large Pressure Pads Prevent Scratches On Doorway.
In good condition .
RM 120 inc.postage .
~ Sold ~ Evelyn ~

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