Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hot Wheels Fireball

Product Features
Race on a crazy, upside-down fiery meteor from Hot Wheels!
Create the biggest crashes to launch the fiery meteor off track.
Features tons of intersections for car crashes.
21-foot-long , 360-degree racing surface on which cars defy gravity.
Pls take note :
Something parents should look out for when the cars are crashing: they can come off the track unexpectedly. The manufacturer says crashing cars may "exit the play set," which basically means someone could get popped in the kisser. There is a missing safety net that to covers the sphere,can be replace with any net, but it can come off if not secured correctly, so caution is advised.
In very good condition .
Inc. a hotwheels car .
Bought frm overseas .
RM 130 inc.postage .
~ Sold ~Yusidawati ~

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