Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Brand New Mother Garden strawberry dresser

Mother Garden strawberrybeauty dresser

RM 150
not inc postage

Package Size: 41*24*22.5cm (L*W*H) Drawer Size -- 36*17.5*10 cm (L*W*H), Mirror Size – 22.5*27 cm (W*H),
After Assemble Size -- 38cm (H)
Product Weight: 4kg
Shipping Weight—4.5 kg approx

Contents: Mirror*1 ( removable and sits on a stand), hair dryer*1 (with connecting cord), perfume bottle *1, skin lotion bottle *1, nail polish*1, Eye shadow case with 2 colour and eye shadow applicator. Lid is removable, face wipes, Face powder container with applicator. Lid is removable, Lipstick with removable lid Age: > 3 years old Note: EXCLUDED all plastic accessories : comb, necklace, ring .

The mirror is a 'safe mirror', resistant to cracking suitable for children. (Compared with glass mirrors, may look a little distorted.)

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