Monday, June 27, 2011

Brand New Smoby Tefal wahing machine N iron board

RM 90 not inc postage

Mini Tefal Washing Machine.Just like the real thing! Children will have a great time playing with this Mini Tefal Washing Machine. Kids will love pressing the four different washing cycles that make cool realistic sounds and the washing machine even has a turning knob that can be used to operate the cycles without batteries if you prefer. You will have a great time cleaning all of your dirty play clothes. Features: Mini Tefal Washing Machine 4 Washing cycles 14 Realistic sounds Drum that really turns. Open the door and it will stop Works with batteries or turning knob. Batteries included.IronWith relistic sounds. Batteries not included.Size: 41*18*28CM
This fantastically detailed child size mini tefal appliance set is the perfect playtime accessory for to learn the basics of everyday living.complete with moving Washing machine electronic iron with light sound an endless arrary of accessory .this will have children entertained for hours on end.A genuine smoby products,this play set is an absolute bargain.
1. Mini tefal appliance set
2. produce by smoby
3. includes washing machine and iron and ironing board
4. includes playtime accessories
5. complete with sounds,light ect
6 washing machine featuring electronic sounds. Four washing cycles with 14 realistic sounds and a drum that really turns.

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