Friday, June 26, 2009

Shelcore Touch 'n Teach Laptop

With the Sound Beginnings Touch ‘N Teach Laptop, your child can delight in this favorite computer theme and enjoy his or her first laptop experience, all while learning ABC’s, 123’s, color and shapes faster! This accelerated learning is made possible through the unique focus of all Sound Beginnings toys…kids learn faster when they hear vocal and natural sounds, rather than synthesized artificial sounds. Contrary to other laptop toys, the Touch ‘N Teach Laptop has a soft fabric mouse, soft learning pages and soft button features. The Laptop teaches letters, numbers, shapes, colors and animals through repetition, rhyming and unique sound bytes. There is a quiz mode that completes the learning cycle by asking for the child’s response to what he just heard and saw. For listening fun, there are 10 songs that play in the music mode. This is a great item to entertain and teach toddlers while introducing them to electronic play. Your child will learn cause and effect as he or she presses one of the soft buttons and then sees numbers, letters or animations appear on the mirror LED screen that reinforce learning messages. The folding feature with carry handle makes the Touch ‘N Teach Laptop easy for active moms to grab and go !
In great condition .
Look new .
RM 65 inc.postage .
~ Sold ~ Masura Rahmat ~

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