Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tomy Winnie the Pooh Dreamshow

Whether a baby is a reluctant sleeper or goes to his or her cot happy, they will surely enjoy being lulled off to sleep with the Winnie the Pooh Dreamshow. Once the four batteries are in place, secure the Dreamshow to the bottom of the cot with the adjustable plastic straps and turn the knob to turn the light on and start the music. While the now-familiar "Chubby Little Cubby" tune plays sedately in the background, Winnie the Pooh shapes are projected on the ceiling--Piglet, Winnie and Tigger and Roo, along with stars, moons, suns, rainbows, clouds and raindrops.

This Dreamshow works best in a dark room with a white ceiling, but it will perform well in any normal nursery, providing the light is dim. The white screen on the front of the Dreamshow allows your little one to watch the shapes close to, while the projected shapes dance around the wall and ceiling (the closer to the ceiling this is placed, the smaller and crisper the images will be; the further away, the larger and fuzzier).

This is a simply lovely light and sound show. Easy to use, the bright, sturdy plastic moulding with Winnie the Pooh, Piglet and Tigger on the front not only houses lights and music, at its most effective, it contains a wonderful way of lulling babies off to a sweetly dreaming state!

The Dreamshow comes with a full instruction leaflet. Requires 4xC batteries. Not included.

In excellent condition .
Light , music n sound function well .
RM 65 inc.postage .
~ Sold ~

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