Monday, August 8, 2011

Tushkit diaper changer manager - red/blue

Tushkit Diaper Changer Manager

RM 50
not inc postage

Product features:
-foldx into asmall purse,open in seconds.
-grows with ur bb frm weaning.
-easy loading up to 4 diapers,open&ready for use.
-secure adjustable flaps to fit ur bb's size.
-side band grips bottles of all standard designs n widths.
-elastic band cream handy-no-budge wipers'pocket.
-no-hassle diaper changing anywhere-on any surface!
portable tushkit diaper bag multy-funtional diaper nappy bag-

tushkit diaper bag.non toxic material

package size: 32×29×8CM, weight: 0.85KG, maxmum length and width 75×30cm
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