Monday, August 8, 2011

Water magic city playmat doodle

RM 45 not inc postage

Mat size : 73 x 48 x 2 cm

Only fill the doodle pen with water, then the babies can draw or write on the magic doodle mat as they like. It can be reused after the handwriting disappears in 3-5 minutes.
if the babies doodle everywhere with the normal crayon or marking pen, it will make their clothes and even everywhere dirty. But if they use doodle pens , it won't make anywhere dirty. And this product is also very safety , because the nib of pen is made of soft fibre. But the nib of pens like the drawing board pen or pencil is all very sharp, it will hurt the babies if it is used carelessly .This product is the safest , the most environmental and the most interactive writing tool in 2009. It will help your babies to do well in writing and drawing.
The supplementary parts: 1 a magic doodle pen,(it just fill with water) ;9 EVA drawing shape board (it will be the helper of the babies) ; a simple drawing exercise book.(it include more than 200 doodle methods of things and animals )

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